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Exploring Antarctica

Old School Boy, Paul Hart, is leading an expedition to cross the Antarctic Peninsula from 10 December 2021 to 2 February 2022

Whilst it might feel like we are in the midst of Antarctic weather in Stretford, a team of explorers are currently in Antarctica carrying out an expedition marking 100 years since Ernest Shackleton’s ‘Discovery Expedition’ of 1901.  We are lucky enough to be linked up to this exciting expedition, whereby a former pupil of Stretford Grammar, Paul Hart, a distinguished and experience exploration leader, is leading a team of explorers and scientists to untrodden regions of the Antarctica Peninsula.  The team are currently in Antarctica and have carried out some important scientific research that is vital for the future of the plant; this has included measuring UV radiation and its impacts on Antarctica.  

This is a great project to be linked to and will provide some exciting and useful content that we can use in lessons; particularly for GCSE and A-Level Geography classes, who study Antarctica as part of their course.  Other year groups will also find out more about the expedition in a form activity, whereby they will also hear the challenges of an Antarctic expedition, such as how do you cook in sub-zero temperatures!

All details on the expedition can be found at