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Sixth Form Tutorial Programme

Students at Stretford Grammar School have a weekly tutorial session.

The aim of these sessions is to promote effective study habits, provide advice to allow our students to make informed choices about their post 18 options, support them to make competitive applications to their chosen courses or apprenticeships, and to prepare them for the realities of life in a professional working environment. We encourage the leadership role of students within our community and the programme highlights the values we expect our sixth formers to uphold as role models within our school.

The information below outlines key features of our programme.



The A Level Mindset

This unit prepares students for the transition to more academic and independent working practices and includes:

Year 12

  • Year 12 induction day with work from the company Elevate, delivering an interactive session on the study habits of successful students to reinforce the message of effective working practices.
  • Making the leap from GCSE to A Level.
  • Leadership and public speaking at Stretford Grammar School.
  • Effective revision and retrieval practice
  • Taking notes and plagiarism
  • The growth mind set
  • The power of habits

Year 13

  • Making the leap to Year 13
  • Priorities and planning
  • Stress, sleep and the emotional side of learning
  • Responding to failure
  • Post mock action planning

Post 18 Preparation

We will start preparing students for life beyond Sixth Form through sessions that include:

Year 12

  • Super and extra-curricular activities
  • Types of University and Apprenticeships
  • The UCAS application process
  • Personal statement writing
  • Practising job interviews

Year 13

  • UCAS final checks
  • Proof reading and standard English
  • Interview language and practice
  • Making the firm choice for UCAS
  • Applying for student finance
  • Results Day
  • Student budgeting
  • Life at university
  • Gaps years and volunteering
  • Apprenticeships

Professional Values

An important part of our ethos is our preparation for the professional world of work. To prepare for the work place we cover topics such as:

Year 12:

  • Sexual Harassment and the importance of challenging harmful behaviour
  • The Equality Act 2010 and the workplace
  • Respect and workplace policies
  • Cognitive biases
  • Applying for work experience and writing a CV
  • Professional ethics

Year 13

  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • Applying for postgraduate jobs and employability
  • Professional ethics

Life Beyond School

To equip students to prepare them for the demands of life in modern, diverse Britain we ensure students are familiar with such issues as:

Year 12

  • Misinformation and fake news
  • Political parties and democracy
  • What makes a good argument
  • Safe travel
  • Child safeguarding, grooming and radicalisation
  • Mental health and seeking support

Year 13

  • Adult finance – mortgages, debt, credit
  • Mental health at university
  • Personal safety at university
  • Gambling
  • Coercive control

Global Issues

To build students’ cultural awareness of current affairs, and to give the opportunity for discussion around global issues, we take a sample of contemporary topics and provide a forum for students to explore these and to understand the facts behind the headlines. These vary according to current world events but has included Srebrenica Remembrance and Genocide Awareness, and the Conflict in Ukraine.