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“Citizenship Education can transform society; more thoughtful and engaged citizens lead to a stronger and more just society”

Ali Berry, CEO of Composer: Citizenship Education for All

Our Curriculum

PSHCE is organised to allow students to study the themes of Relationships, Health and Sex Education, Economic and Financial Wellbeing and Careers, Information and Guidance.  The curriculum supports students to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes to manage their lives, now and in the future. It will provide students with the tools to stay healthy and safe, while preparing them to make the most of life and work and will help them achieve their academic potential.

Getting Better in PSHCE

The study of PSHCE allows students the opportunity to talk about issues that relate directly to them and to develop their ability to express themselves in an appropriate manner drawing on examples from the media and the locality.  Students will be able to construct arguments that draw upon differing points of view whilst appreciating why people may hold a view different from their own.  An important skill in PSHCE is for students to listen and speak with purpose by being clear in expressing themselves, and also being able to defend what they think.

Beyond School

PSHCE will help students on their journey through school and into post 18 education and the world of work.  Students will be able to explore the changing world of employment, not just in the next few years but also how employment will change ten or twenty years from now.  They will be equipped with the skills to apply for the next stage in their learning or for employment. Opportunities such as Work Experience and careers fairs will support them with this. Beyond careers, it will prepare students to make positive choices about relationships and wellbeing in the future.


PSHCE will provide students with skills required by many employers such as the ability to construct an argument, the ability to think around a problem and to apply a creative solution to it.  Rather than it being a route into a particular profession, PSHCE provides skills and opportunities for students to think about themselves, something that is required in every profession.