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‘If you don’t show it, it can be erased.’  

Michaela Coel

Our Curriculum

Drama allows students to explore their own and others’ emotions and experiences. In lessons we interrogate characters from a wide range of plays and attempt to explore their behaviour through the use of vocal and physical skills. Students develop a clear understanding of how vocal skills can be manipulated to enhance meaning and how physical skills convey intentions and purpose in relation to text.

Getting Better at Drama

Students are challenged from Year 7 to perform in front of their peers in a creative and supportive environment. Constructive feedback allows them to hone their vocal and physical skills to suit character and purpose in specific moments in both scripted and devised performances. As students’ performance skills improve, they are challenged to work in larger groups to develop more complex pieces which enable them to demonstrate a wider range of skills, with a focus on interaction and use of proxemics.   

Beyond School

Beyond school, Drama encourages students to be confident communicators in whichever settings they may find themselves, both professionally and socially.


Drama skills will prove useful in any career which requires human interaction, from a courtroom in front of a group or a GPs’ surgery in a one to one. Let’s face it, in the words of T.S Eliot, sometimes we all have ‘to prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet’.